Monday, 28 September 2009

A quick catch up......

(Sorry the photos r in random places can't work out how to put them where they should be!)
Well I've realised I haven't blogged in a long time so I should get back on it, we've had lots of fun recently but the biggest announcement is I am pregnant! Baby Mateer is due March 24th 2010, I would put up belly photos but at the moment there isn't anything to really see but as soon as there is I'll get them up! 
I think the highlight of the last month for Steve is he took me to my first Arsenal Match! Arsenal vs West Brom and "we" won 2-0 it was a very exciting game, with a west brom player getting sent off for punching an arsenal player! Right in front of us! I thought i'd just sit there and try and get into it but I was well into it! I loved singing along with the chants although I didn't get a lot of them! I mean we weren't even playing Tottenham but we had to keep standing up coz we hate them...... wierd! But I had a great time! 
This summer seems to of been the summer of people getting married! Everyone we know has got married or engaged! Heres a few photos from the few we've been too!

Other than that we've just been getting our heads around we're going to be a mummy and daddy! Trying to find names we can BOTH agree on! We've got just under 6 months left so hopefully we'll figure something out by the time baby actually gets here!