Wednesday, 26 October 2011

10 days

Ok so I am not thinking this baby will be here on time or even early ( I mean lets be fair Tayla had to be forced to enter the world kicking and screaming) but hey my due date is in 10 days which means I have like a max of 22 days of being pregnant!
Its a very weird feeling- don't judge me but I do not know how I can love another little baby as much as I love Tayla! I don't want to have favourites but at the moment she is obviously it and I can't imagine it changing! I am sure it will and every one keeps telling me it will all be ok!
We have got loads going on in the next few weeks but for the next week and a bit things are slightly more chilled out ( yes baby now would be a fantastic time for you to come!) Would be perfect just in time for halloween then I can eat tonnes of sweets and chocolate and not feel like I am sending my baby crazy!
But right now I seem to be craving serious amounts of random foods like mexican food and chinese food and I am desperate for crate loads of brownies mmmmm!
Anyway this is just my random pregnant lady ramblings putting off packing and other things I really need to do!
Maybe next time I post will be introducing our little baby boy ( I WISH!)

Oh on a side note this little lady

has finally figured out how to sleep and eat! She has a monster appetite and since she has been eating more she has been sleeping WAY better we get up a max of once a night and she takes a 2-3 hour nap! I am loving it and loving her she is a major chatterbox and loves to give hugs and kisses which is something I have missed when she was in her crazy can't keep still phase!

Monday, 10 October 2011


It has been way too long since I last blogged and I will get onto it once I get my house packed (yes we are moving....AGAIN), baby stuff organised and my ironing done but just incase you are missing news from the Mateer house......
This is what she looks like
This is what we look like...
and yes baby boy Mateer is due in 4 weeks! Life is going to get CRAZY, but we couldn't be more excited!