Thursday, 12 August 2010

I wish....

I could write like this or like this but unfortunately I can't and you have to deal with my random ramblings!

As a family (well as a couple, Tayla hasn't really been sharing any pearls of wisdom recently...although she does blow a mighty fine raspberry) we've been sitting down trying to figure out what the future holds for the Mateers, as individuals and as a family and it has really made me think what I want out of my life. I LOVE being a mum but some days I do feel like I want something else to do, I mean once the baby is in bed and the house is tidy I need something to fill my time other than Wii Fit (which I am a huge fan of now days trying to get my pre baby body back) so I am looking at courses I can take to make me more well rounded so when Tayla and her future siblings ( no this is not an announcement.... don't be expecting one for a longgggg while I can still kinda remember child birth!) are in school I have something to do with my time.
We made family goals which include getting our butts out to America, buying a house, travelling a bit more and getting Steves education finished! I'm excited for all that our future holds its quite exciting setting some concrete goals!
Well I feel like I can't post this without some Tayla facts..... She now weighs 15lbs, we've got a fab nighttime routine which means we have her in her bed by 8pm and she gets out of bed between 6:30 and 8:00am, with just 2 or 3 wake ups most night.....which is a HUGE improvement that I am loving. Shes now fully on the bottle and seems so much more content since we switched her over and for some reason in the past fortnight has become a dummy baby! She loves them and she looks pretty cute sucking on it so I can't complain!
Anyway she is getting more and more fun each day, she rolls over one way and on occasion can go from her tummy to her back but its rare! She went on her first swim and didn't seem to bothered by it, she wasn't smiling but she wasn't crying either so we'lll take it as a positive!
Anyway life is great!