Tuesday, 9 March 2010

One Very Spoilt Baby!

We knew this baby was loved but we had no idea just how much! Our mums threw us an amazing baby shower and this little bundle of joy got soooooo much stuff! We may have to move to a bigger house just to fit in the babies stuff! We got 2 amazing nappy cakes! The baby shower had a great pink and blue theme! Its interesting to see how many people believe this baby is a little boy and others who are equally convinced its a girl! Steves aunty Julie has been convinced baby was coming on sunday (7th) so we spent all day ready and waiting (well not really!)  but alas still pregnant! Our house is now all ready for this baby to get here! We just have to pick up the pram on saturday (hopefully) then we are all ready! Everyone is so excited to see what this MASSIVE baby looks like (its guna have to be massive thats the only explanation for the size of the bump!)
Mum then threw a little baby supper on friday for friends from maidstone and that was lots of fun with lots of delicious food (lasagna and layered salad my favs!) 
Well anyway we are so excited for this little baby to get here so we can dress them up in all their gifts and start using all the fun toys! I'm also a little excited to have a choice of clothes again! Maternity clothes don't offer that much selection!
p.s i can't work out how to get the photos in the right place so this is as good as it gets!sorry!