Thursday, 15 October 2009

17 things I have learnt......

For any of you that do not not know I am pregnant! Yup we know that was quick! I am 17 weeks today and still not quite believing it, I am sure once I start too look pregnant it will be easier to believe! In my 17 weeks of pregnancy I have learnt....
1. Morning sickness occurs all day long nothing morning about it
2. Morning sickness stops when it wants not 12 weeks or 14 weeks or 16 weeks, fingers crossed its not something that happens for the entire time!
3. My husband is a stud.... i already knew this but this has been clarified BIG time
4.  Gaining 4lbs in 17 weeks is actually quite scary because that means one day I will wake up huge having gained the rest of the weight!
5. The first trimester is absolutely shattering- I have NEVER been so tired, even finals week can not compare! I have never been one to go to bed at 7 but for 6-7 weeks that was my life!
6. Little girls clothes are so much cuter than boys clothes..... 
7. If its a girl my husband wants to use the moses basket for the exact same reason as moses mother..... note to self do not leave steve alone with baby if girl!
8. People feel the need to touch my stomach regardless of there being a bump there or not
9. EVERYONE has advice!
10. Its the one time it is acceptable to eat whenever I want!
11.  Suddenly I no longer care (as much) about shoes but when it comes to prams/ strollers/ travel systems I get ridiculously excited!
12. Picking names is hard, 2 people 2 different tastes= very hard!
13. Tuc biscuits are the best things ever invented! I could eat them alll day long!
14.  Indonesian names are definitely a no go if we want our child to have friends!
15.  It is possible that future grandparents are even more excited than we are!
16. Having a baby over winter seems a lot easier than being pregnant over the summer!
17. I am so excited to meet this little baby, March seems so far away but we are both very excited!

As soon as I start to look pregnant and not just chunky I will post some photos!