Wednesday, 17 November 2010

So excited!

My brother and Steve's sister have just announced they are engaged! YAY! So excited for them! But it has left us all asking various questions.......Is Ryan my brother or my brother - in law? Is Steve Emma's brother or brother -in law, and the corker is my husband my brother in law? Maybe we need to invent a whole new name for a brother and brother in law, any suggestions?  Tayla is super excited for her first auntie/uncles wedding! We can't wait to hear more details and regardless what steve says..... get shopping for new outfits! Yay! Got to love a wedding!
But anyway we are so happy for Ryan and Emma and can't wait to welcome them into the family (again!)

Sunday, 14 November 2010


after I have got the baby to bed and it has been one of those days ( or weeks!) I just want to curl up with a large box of chocolates, a yummy drink, some ice cream and watch a chick flic with a mega box of tissues and my super comfy duvet! That is what I need but due to it being sunday and we have no chocolates, ice cream or yummy drinks in the house, it looks like tonight is not the night for my seriously indulgent evening! Maybe tomorrow! Am I the only one that has days like that????? 

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

3rd post of the day

Seen as Tayla is taking an uncharacteristically long nap and it looks like we will not be attending baby group thought I'd share my other project with you

Seven Months

That's right our "baby" girl is not so much of a  baby anymore... Whilst this does make me a little sad, it is so exciting to see her growing up each day! She is a very active little girl, gone are the days of cuddles on the sofa, she is in to everything! She has not yet mastered crawling forwards but she is pro at the backward "crawl" I will have to get a video on here to show her skills! She rolls, drags and shuffles herself around. She will not keep still for anything. She is weighing just under 20lbs ( yes she is a chunk!- I think its all in her thighs!) She  loves her walker and has recently mastered moving the walker around the room. Even though I have been trying to get her to eat solids consistently since just before the 6 month mark she has only just gained a love for her food. It is so much fun to watch her try new foods. When she is hungry she goes "mmmmmmm" 

 She makes lots of little noises and loves to just "chat" away! She sits perfectly well by herself and her favourite position to sit in seems to be the splits ( I wish I had that flexibility!)Oh and both her bottom teeth r in and she has the cutest little toothy grin! ( Well I think so and yes I am bias!) But all in all she is a very healthy happy little girl. No she still does not sleep through the night I am giving up stressing about it though we have tried everything it just doesn't work. She is a stubborn little girl so I guess she will sleep when she wants to. Anyway who needs sleep when there are so much more exciting things to do! 


So my husband is amazing there is actually no two ways about it!
For the past 18months that we have been married (yes 18 months crazy where has the time gone?!) He has worked, studied and had a major calling at church which keeps him pretty busy and still had time to be fantastic husband and daddy! Yet he has still found time to get his dream job! He technically did not qualify but he has decided he will be taking like 17 exams between now and next september plus writing his dissertation to make sure he can start on September 2nd! We are all so excited about it (especially Tayla she cannot even sleep due to excitement.....) It will be a new start for us all as we will be moving to a new house, new ward and new town. There are loads of little girls in our new ward so I am excited for Tayla to have lots of little friends! All in all we have got a HUGE year ahead of us! Well done Steve!!!!!!