Thursday, 14 January 2010

Hello 2010!

Figured its time I blogged again because its been a while but we have been crazy busy, we've had my birthday, steves exams, christmas, new year and we've moved (in the snow might I add!)
But we've got loads of excitement coming up this year! Now that we've moved and are somewhat settled we need to get ready for this babies arrival! Only 10 weeks till due date (although i'm about 100% sure i'll be late so my countdown is 12 weeks!- I don't want to be disappointed when baby mateer has not made an appearance by March 24th!)
We got a nice new camera for christmas so now that I have a tonne of time on my hands I am going to learn to use it so we can put up some nice new photos! The most recent photos we have are from christmas when I was 6months pregnant, and yes I know I am huge! I have been told by everyone! This baby is obviously a big one! (Which leaves me VERY nervous!) Anyway just wanted to do a quick update! I will be better at blogging this year! 2010 is going to be great!