Friday, 17 December 2010

To do....

I know it is way to early to be thinking about 2011, I mean we still have Christmas to come and go but I am sat thinking about the things I want to achieve next year and I figured if I write them down here and you all see them I will have to keep them!

  1. Learn how to use my camera properly... I have a big nice camera and all I ever do is point and shoot.... What a waste! So 2011 will be the year I start artsy photos!
  2. Because of my found talent with the photography I plan to take more photos and not just of Tayla- want to look back and realise Steve and I were both around too!
  3. Start to use all my crafty bits and pieces and put them to good use! 
  4. Complete my wedding planning course and become fully qualified
  5. Get into shape..... by June 25th I plan to be looking all tight and toned at Ryan and Emmas wedding- I will start exercising ( i mean we are moving to a top floor flat that counts right?)
  6. Use all the food and craft blogs I read and become a craft goddess and have my husband fall more and more in love with me with each culinary masterpiece I whip up. Although I am not sure how well goals number 6 will help number 5!
  7. Get Tayla to sleep through the night!
Most of my goals next year seem to relate to the "talent" side of my life but I have decided it is definitely time for me to get on that! Might as well make my home look pretty for as cheap as possible! Plus it gives me something to do while Tayla sleeps! If only Jo-anns or Michaels were nearby!

Monday, 13 December 2010

Holidays are coming.....

Cola advert....... Check
X factor final..... Check
Presents bought....Check
Felt bad for about 5 seconds for not writing christmas cards....Check
Pulled Tayla away from Christmas trees for the 500th time....check check check

Tonight Christmas baking with Steve and I am very excited! Christmas is coming and I am soooooo excited! Steves major exams are over and we are getting into the christmas spirit! I am so excited for Tayla to open all her presents she loves paper,ripping things and pulling things out of boxes, so she will be in her element!

The last thing on my Christmas list..... take Tayla to see santa! I am ready for tears ( most likely from the santa when Tayla gets hold of that beard!)

I hope you are all getting ready for Christmas and have fabulous looking christmas trees that I can be jealous of! xx

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

So excited!

My brother and Steve's sister have just announced they are engaged! YAY! So excited for them! But it has left us all asking various questions.......Is Ryan my brother or my brother - in law? Is Steve Emma's brother or brother -in law, and the corker is my husband my brother in law? Maybe we need to invent a whole new name for a brother and brother in law, any suggestions?  Tayla is super excited for her first auntie/uncles wedding! We can't wait to hear more details and regardless what steve says..... get shopping for new outfits! Yay! Got to love a wedding!
But anyway we are so happy for Ryan and Emma and can't wait to welcome them into the family (again!)

Sunday, 14 November 2010


after I have got the baby to bed and it has been one of those days ( or weeks!) I just want to curl up with a large box of chocolates, a yummy drink, some ice cream and watch a chick flic with a mega box of tissues and my super comfy duvet! That is what I need but due to it being sunday and we have no chocolates, ice cream or yummy drinks in the house, it looks like tonight is not the night for my seriously indulgent evening! Maybe tomorrow! Am I the only one that has days like that????? 

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

3rd post of the day

Seen as Tayla is taking an uncharacteristically long nap and it looks like we will not be attending baby group thought I'd share my other project with you

Seven Months

That's right our "baby" girl is not so much of a  baby anymore... Whilst this does make me a little sad, it is so exciting to see her growing up each day! She is a very active little girl, gone are the days of cuddles on the sofa, she is in to everything! She has not yet mastered crawling forwards but she is pro at the backward "crawl" I will have to get a video on here to show her skills! She rolls, drags and shuffles herself around. She will not keep still for anything. She is weighing just under 20lbs ( yes she is a chunk!- I think its all in her thighs!) She  loves her walker and has recently mastered moving the walker around the room. Even though I have been trying to get her to eat solids consistently since just before the 6 month mark she has only just gained a love for her food. It is so much fun to watch her try new foods. When she is hungry she goes "mmmmmmm" 

 She makes lots of little noises and loves to just "chat" away! She sits perfectly well by herself and her favourite position to sit in seems to be the splits ( I wish I had that flexibility!)Oh and both her bottom teeth r in and she has the cutest little toothy grin! ( Well I think so and yes I am bias!) But all in all she is a very healthy happy little girl. No she still does not sleep through the night I am giving up stressing about it though we have tried everything it just doesn't work. She is a stubborn little girl so I guess she will sleep when she wants to. Anyway who needs sleep when there are so much more exciting things to do! 


So my husband is amazing there is actually no two ways about it!
For the past 18months that we have been married (yes 18 months crazy where has the time gone?!) He has worked, studied and had a major calling at church which keeps him pretty busy and still had time to be fantastic husband and daddy! Yet he has still found time to get his dream job! He technically did not qualify but he has decided he will be taking like 17 exams between now and next september plus writing his dissertation to make sure he can start on September 2nd! We are all so excited about it (especially Tayla she cannot even sleep due to excitement.....) It will be a new start for us all as we will be moving to a new house, new ward and new town. There are loads of little girls in our new ward so I am excited for Tayla to have lots of little friends! All in all we have got a HUGE year ahead of us! Well done Steve!!!!!!

Monday, 13 September 2010

Nearly half a year.....

In 2 weeks time this little bundle of joy will have been with our little family an entire half year.
She now weighs 17lbs 5oz! She can kinda sit up (see above photo) and has started solids she is a big fan of broccoli and today we will be trying out the sweet potato!yum yum.......No she is not sleeping through the night but she is sleeping so I cannot complain!
IN the past month she has become quite the traveller we went to spain for a week and she LOVED swimming! We have a little water baby on our hands!
We've also been to Michael and Faith's wedding which was a great excuse for us all to get dressed up!
As you can also see I really am not good at getting the photos in the right place the all upload at the top of my blog post soo if anyone can tell me how to do it properly it would be greatly appreciated!
Well thats all for today!

Thursday, 12 August 2010

I wish....

I could write like this or like this but unfortunately I can't and you have to deal with my random ramblings!

As a family (well as a couple, Tayla hasn't really been sharing any pearls of wisdom recently...although she does blow a mighty fine raspberry) we've been sitting down trying to figure out what the future holds for the Mateers, as individuals and as a family and it has really made me think what I want out of my life. I LOVE being a mum but some days I do feel like I want something else to do, I mean once the baby is in bed and the house is tidy I need something to fill my time other than Wii Fit (which I am a huge fan of now days trying to get my pre baby body back) so I am looking at courses I can take to make me more well rounded so when Tayla and her future siblings ( no this is not an announcement.... don't be expecting one for a longgggg while I can still kinda remember child birth!) are in school I have something to do with my time.
We made family goals which include getting our butts out to America, buying a house, travelling a bit more and getting Steves education finished! I'm excited for all that our future holds its quite exciting setting some concrete goals!
Well I feel like I can't post this without some Tayla facts..... She now weighs 15lbs, we've got a fab nighttime routine which means we have her in her bed by 8pm and she gets out of bed between 6:30 and 8:00am, with just 2 or 3 wake ups most night.....which is a HUGE improvement that I am loving. Shes now fully on the bottle and seems so much more content since we switched her over and for some reason in the past fortnight has become a dummy baby! She loves them and she looks pretty cute sucking on it so I can't complain!
Anyway she is getting more and more fun each day, she rolls over one way and on occasion can go from her tummy to her back but its rare! She went on her first swim and didn't seem to bothered by it, she wasn't smiling but she wasn't crying either so we'lll take it as a positive!
Anyway life is great!

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Englands new dribbler


I'm pretty sure she's better than the ones on the field. Daddy's dream of having a son to watch the football with have had to change slightly but as long as shes got a bow in her hair mummy is happy and in matching outfits so is daddy. Especially since Tayla screamed unless she was watching the footy!

I love being a mummy!

Well wouldn't you if you got to look at this little one all day long!
Tayla is now 11 weeks old and we are loving having her in our home, yes we miss sleep and eating our dinners hot but we wouldn't change a thing! 
Other news in the life of the Mateers Steve has finished his exams for the summer (yay!) So we are loving having "daddy" around! 

Saturday, 22 May 2010

6 weeks old!

What a poser! Loving her tutu from Auntie Coco

6 Weeks Late......

Due to a situation involving a slipping baby and a falling laptop we have been without internet so I haven't been able to log to announce the arrival of our baby GIRL... Tayla Indah Mateer, born 5th April 2010 weighing a healthy 8.10 1/2! All I have to say about the labour...EPIDURALS are great! Best decision I made! 
Now that I am getting the hang of sleeping in 3 hour blocks during the night and getting covered in various bodily fluids I can't imagine life any other way!
Tayla is a little madam but we love her! She can get away with murder especially when her daddy is involved! 

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Full term + 10 days!

I do not know what this baby is waiting for! For the past few months all I have heard is you are huge there is no way you will make it too your due date...... well this baby is adamant that they will prove you all wrong! I am being induced tomorrow at Full term + 11 days (ok 41 weeks +4 days) Then this baby is going straight on the naughty step! Will be a fun way to spend easter sunday thats for sure. I think i deserve lots of easter eggs! Anyway we are so excited to finally be able to meet this little baby and find out if we've got a little boy or girl coming to completely mix up our lives! Bring on tomorrow! (Although knwing this baby its more likely to be monday before we know!) 

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

One Very Spoilt Baby!

We knew this baby was loved but we had no idea just how much! Our mums threw us an amazing baby shower and this little bundle of joy got soooooo much stuff! We may have to move to a bigger house just to fit in the babies stuff! We got 2 amazing nappy cakes! The baby shower had a great pink and blue theme! Its interesting to see how many people believe this baby is a little boy and others who are equally convinced its a girl! Steves aunty Julie has been convinced baby was coming on sunday (7th) so we spent all day ready and waiting (well not really!)  but alas still pregnant! Our house is now all ready for this baby to get here! We just have to pick up the pram on saturday (hopefully) then we are all ready! Everyone is so excited to see what this MASSIVE baby looks like (its guna have to be massive thats the only explanation for the size of the bump!)
Mum then threw a little baby supper on friday for friends from maidstone and that was lots of fun with lots of delicious food (lasagna and layered salad my favs!) 
Well anyway we are so excited for this little baby to get here so we can dress them up in all their gifts and start using all the fun toys! I'm also a little excited to have a choice of clothes again! Maternity clothes don't offer that much selection!
p.s i can't work out how to get the photos in the right place so this is as good as it gets!sorry! 

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Hello 2010!

Figured its time I blogged again because its been a while but we have been crazy busy, we've had my birthday, steves exams, christmas, new year and we've moved (in the snow might I add!)
But we've got loads of excitement coming up this year! Now that we've moved and are somewhat settled we need to get ready for this babies arrival! Only 10 weeks till due date (although i'm about 100% sure i'll be late so my countdown is 12 weeks!- I don't want to be disappointed when baby mateer has not made an appearance by March 24th!)
We got a nice new camera for christmas so now that I have a tonne of time on my hands I am going to learn to use it so we can put up some nice new photos! The most recent photos we have are from christmas when I was 6months pregnant, and yes I know I am huge! I have been told by everyone! This baby is obviously a big one! (Which leaves me VERY nervous!) Anyway just wanted to do a quick update! I will be better at blogging this year! 2010 is going to be great!