Monday, 13 September 2010

Nearly half a year.....

In 2 weeks time this little bundle of joy will have been with our little family an entire half year.
She now weighs 17lbs 5oz! She can kinda sit up (see above photo) and has started solids she is a big fan of broccoli and today we will be trying out the sweet potato!yum yum.......No she is not sleeping through the night but she is sleeping so I cannot complain!
IN the past month she has become quite the traveller we went to spain for a week and she LOVED swimming! We have a little water baby on our hands!
We've also been to Michael and Faith's wedding which was a great excuse for us all to get dressed up!
As you can also see I really am not good at getting the photos in the right place the all upload at the top of my blog post soo if anyone can tell me how to do it properly it would be greatly appreciated!
Well thats all for today!