Friday, 2 December 2011

My naughty daughter

So Tayla, Jensen and I were watching Cbeebies the other morning it had been a LONNNNNG night and I must of dozed off ( for seriously like 2 minutes before someone calls social services) when I opened my eyes this is what I saw....

Sudocream strikes again! I don't know how she manages to find it no matter where I hide it!
Meanwhile this little boy was being as good as gold!
 Tayla is loving her baby brother..... Sometimes too much but what doesn't kill him will only make him stronger!

Thursday, 24 November 2011


Jensen Carter Mateer
November 13th 2011
2.25 am 8lbs exactly
Only 7 days late
We love him..... 

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

10 days

Ok so I am not thinking this baby will be here on time or even early ( I mean lets be fair Tayla had to be forced to enter the world kicking and screaming) but hey my due date is in 10 days which means I have like a max of 22 days of being pregnant!
Its a very weird feeling- don't judge me but I do not know how I can love another little baby as much as I love Tayla! I don't want to have favourites but at the moment she is obviously it and I can't imagine it changing! I am sure it will and every one keeps telling me it will all be ok!
We have got loads going on in the next few weeks but for the next week and a bit things are slightly more chilled out ( yes baby now would be a fantastic time for you to come!) Would be perfect just in time for halloween then I can eat tonnes of sweets and chocolate and not feel like I am sending my baby crazy!
But right now I seem to be craving serious amounts of random foods like mexican food and chinese food and I am desperate for crate loads of brownies mmmmm!
Anyway this is just my random pregnant lady ramblings putting off packing and other things I really need to do!
Maybe next time I post will be introducing our little baby boy ( I WISH!)

Oh on a side note this little lady

has finally figured out how to sleep and eat! She has a monster appetite and since she has been eating more she has been sleeping WAY better we get up a max of once a night and she takes a 2-3 hour nap! I am loving it and loving her she is a major chatterbox and loves to give hugs and kisses which is something I have missed when she was in her crazy can't keep still phase!

Monday, 10 October 2011


It has been way too long since I last blogged and I will get onto it once I get my house packed (yes we are moving....AGAIN), baby stuff organised and my ironing done but just incase you are missing news from the Mateer house......
This is what she looks like
This is what we look like...
and yes baby boy Mateer is due in 4 weeks! Life is going to get CRAZY, but we couldn't be more excited! 

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

2 good 2 be true!

Yup Steve and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary on monday! Lucky us it was a bank holiday so we got to spend a nice long weekend together, (AND Steve's dissertation got handed in on friday so tayla and I got him all to ourselves and didn't have to share him with the library!)
It has been a CRAZY 2 years but we have had lots of fun! With hundreds (seriously there have been hundreds) of exams, a baby and one on the way we have barely slept for 2 whole years but it has been worth every second!
Time is flying here a re a few pics from the last 2 years!

Thursday, 28 April 2011

No I didn't eat too much chocolate over easter

there is another reason I am starting to pack on the pounds.....
No Tayla is not ticked about the news she was just a poorly little girl!
Yes we are crazy but seen as we are up all night anyway why not throw another one into the mix.... I mean who knows maybe they can teach Tayla how to sleep at night... We can but dream!
So yes come November the Mateer family will be growing!

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Tayla turned 1

Well on April 5th our baby became a "big girl" she turned the big 1! We decided to celebrate it with a little family party with all her aunties and uncles around. It was a girly butterfly theme with all of her favourite foods. We managed to find the ONE thing Tayla is scared of..... cake yup when the birthday cake came in she burst into tears and refused to touch it! Her chance to make the worlds biggest mess (which she does with her dinner on a nightly process) and she cried.... there is no understanding this little girl!
Anyway we are loving having a one year old in our home she is so much now she is walking and "talking" ! We just can't wait for the day we can understand what she is saying!
Here are lots of pictures from her party!

Wednesday, 13 April 2011


I am striving for it! I want a pefectly tidy house ALL the time... not just for the 2 minutes after I clean it. I want everything to have a home (possibly labelled.....too far?)
I want my ironing pile to be non exsistant... maybe the clothes could iron themselves or I could just be THAT good and have it done the day I wash it!
I want my blog to be up to date ( both blogs with interesting posts!)
I want a baby that sleeps all night long- ok doesn't need to be all night just like 10-7, 12-7 if I am nice!
I want to look perfectly put together every single day.... even when wearing trackies!
seen as I know none of this is possible. I am very very happy spending every day cuddling up to this chunk of cuteness! Who cares if my house is a mess (sorry Steve) but she is growing up way too fast and I am just going to spend my time chilling in pyjamas playing head shoulders knees and toes! She is PERFECT!

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

My baby...

Unfortunatly my Mac has died so there won't be any photos with this post! Which is why I haven't posted in FOREVER as lets be honest a post with no photos not so fun!
But..... I thought I would give a quick update on our exciting lives! Well Tayla has proved she can sleep through the night, (7-7)she still refuses to do it consistantly but she has done it 4 times in the past month which makes me very happy, and on most occasions she manages to do at least 10-5/6 which I can handle.
It is hard to believe my baby will be one next week! I can't believe where the time has gone! Who knew a year could literally fly by! She is walking and loves to chatter away her audible words are "hiya" and "ook" while she points at whatever we have too "ook" at! She also loves to sing head shoulders knees and toes. She currently only points to her head but we are working on the rest of the song!

Steve is temping in London and loving it and I am enjoying living near lots of other young mums!

Well I need to get back to planning Tayla's party! I will get photos up asap!

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Nothing to wear....

Steve will kill me for saying this but I have nothing to wear..... yep you heard me NOTHING! yes I have tonnes of clothes but I have no inspiration! I just stare into my never ending (i wish) wardrobe and then pick out the exact same thing I wore the week before! I mean I can stand there forever and still come out with nothing more exciting that my t-shirt/ vest and cardi just SCREAMS boring mum clothes! So I need help, like serious help!  Any offers? I want to be able to dress like this

AND not feel like an idiot trying to pull off purple and yellow together! Or actually any colour other than black because I mean everything goes with black right......
Anyway I need to find me a stylist (possibly Gok Wan) who can go through my wardrobe and sort me out some new outfits......anyone????????

Monday, 31 January 2011

"Say Cheese"

Tayla learnt how to "smile" for the camera! This little girl cracks me up!

LOVE her face!

Today Tayla and I wanted something fun to do but it is freezing outside so we decided to have a little photo shoot because I think she is wayy to cute AND to celebrate her sleeping from 11pm till 8am... that is ALL night as far as I am concerned!